Kenya: Country Guide


Kenya covers an area of about 586,600 Km sq. and straddles the equator.  Inland water bodies cover about 10,700km sq.



The current population is approximately 34,707,812 million (July 2006 census).

Capital City:

Nairobi is the capital city; other cities are Mombasa and Kisumu.


Kenya has a single time zone, GMT/UTC +3 all year round with 12 hours daylight and 12 hours night.


Daytime temperature in Nairobi ranges 21-26 degrees centigrade, Coast is always hot with average temperatures of 27-31 degrees.

Political system:

Kenya has multiparty system of Government.


The official currency is Kenya shillings abbreviated as Ksh or /= example Ksh1000.00 or 1000/=.


Power- voltage supply ranges from 220- 240 volts, 3 pin-plugs square are commonly used.

Foreign Exchange Bureau:

Visitors to Kenya should change foreign currency at banks, bureaux de change or authorized hotels. The easiest currencies to exchange are US Dollars, sterling pounds and Euro. Travellers Cheques are widely accepted, some outlets also accept major credit/debit cards.

Banking Hours:

There are several banks in major towns. Banks are open from 9:00am to 3:00pm Monday to Friday. The banks also operate of the first and last Saturday of every month from 9.00am to 11.00am. Many banks are now equipped with 24 hour ATM machines.

Postal Services:

Kenya has a good postal service for both local and international post. There are post offices and post boxes in most towns. Many shops in tourist lodges and hotels sell stamps.


Kenya has a good network of telephone, cellular and satellite connections. Most hotels and lodges offer International telephone and fax services. If you have a mobile phone with a roaming connection, then you can make use of Kenya’s excellent cellular networks, which covers most larger towns and tourist areas. When calling, International code is +254.


Tipping is not mandatory in Kenya. Guides, drivers, waiters and hotel staff can be tipped at your discretion.

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